JIT Shipments

Capability Meets Flexibility

Effectively managing costs, quality and precision are key factors of success at Trotter Manufacturing, but so is flexibility to meet customers’ increasingly critical JIT demands.

Trotter has many avenues to support JIT shipments. We thoroughly review customer requirements and produce lots allowing us to support a finished good inventory for JIT shipments. At times we utilize a “pull system” to ensure efficient replenishment.

In cases where parts share a common or very similar blank, we can set up an internal Kan Ban system. This gives us the opportunity to pull from the internal Kan Ban stages and complete for inventory. We also look at classifying parts into A, B or C categories for more efficient inventory management. For instance, if an item is a low runner, we will run the entire EAU for inventory. The A and B items will be managed the same way in regards to how many times we blank the parts.

Finally, our expert Materials department works with each plant where parts are being shipped in detail to make sure we are aware of any spikes in the schedules or manufacturing floor.

If you have critical JIT requirements, contact Trotter Manufacturing here or call us directly at 815-877-9579 to learn how we can help.